It's a Pi-in-the-Sky idea :)
It's a Pi-in-the-Sky idea :)
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Tinker Now 10/02/2020

We are going to continue the MicroHawk project forward with the company Tinker Now. The MicroHawk will be renamed to the Tinker Bot Air, with pre-sale available on the website until all testing is done and perfected to be release. This week we have worked steadily to fix all the inconsistency within the kit. First the original design was never wired correctly, the gps, osd, vtx controls did not work. We have solved the wiring problem, the revise version is in the current wiring diagram that I will release on our new website, this afternoon 7pm PST, or you can view it now at our GitHub, . The wiring diagram also has an example on how the ports need to be configured on the flight controller. The original design did not have a working telemetry system. We found that out this week and been working non-stop to fix the telemetry problem. Tinker Now has programmed and design a hotspot on the Raspberry Pi that has the range of 1 mile, this will allow the user to connect to the Tinker Bot Air and program it. This was completed yesterday. The telemetry was what was holding us back from completing the full configuration. The hotspot programming video will be filmed today, and now we can complete the rest of the series. Two videos were uploaded today on our Youtube Channel , Micro networking- set up all your networking configuration on the raspberry pi, and a utility video on how to reformat your SD card for the Raspberry Pi. Also, have re-design the frame to have replaceable individual arms. You can view it on the Tinker Now website this afternoon when the site goes live at 7pm PST. We are here for you and want to see everybody flying high with the pi in the sky. Please email or call us with any questions, and concerns.
Crystal Lee Hess
cell (701) 999 - 8088